Adult Dance Program  All year round!


If you took dance as a child and still remember the feeling of leaving your worries behind and simplifying the world to just the music, your movement and your breath, this is your way back again. Berest Dance Center caters to adults returning to dance after “many” years.




Class Descriptions

Adult Ballet class with Heather begins with a 45 minute barre which is a high quality workout by itself. It can used by all to build strength and stamina. The class is 1¼ hours to live piano accompaniment. It progresses to a 45 minute center which consists of an adagio, pirouette, moving, petit allegro, grand allegro and reverence.  CLASSES AVAILABLE REMOTELY ON ZOOM AS WELL AS LIVE 

Adult Lyrical class with Floryn is a fusion of ballet and jazz. The movement is specifically inspired by the lyrics or music, illustrating the emotion of the particular piece. It is class adults love for its creativity and emotion.

Adult Beginner Ballet/Lyrical class with Floryn is the perfect class for Beginner dancers. You will learn foundations of dance technique that can be applied  to all disciplines including the expressive genres of Lyrical and.Jazz. 

 Adult Tap class wtih Karen is given in a fun, multilevel class to be enjoyed by all. This  class is high energy with emphasis on FUN with a side of laugher, camaraderie and of course tapping!

Adult Beginner Musical Theater class with Sharon is an introduction to the Broadway genres of Theatre using music from Shows and Movies. 

Adult Private Body Conditioning with Heather is a customized private class that will target the whole body as it uses different muscle groups to strengthen, shape and tone.  It will combine flexibility, strength and resistance training in exercises performed on a mat, conditioning ball, foam roller and pilates reformer.  Each program is personalized to target weaknesses and develop a greater sense of well being.

Private classes are available upon request in ballet, modern and body conditioning.

Attire is whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Tight or loose clothing is acceptable. Ballet slippers are recommended for ballet and barefoot for modern.

Payment for classes is dependent on class genre.

Zumba Fitness  -wth Kim (guest presenter)  is fun effective and best of all, made for everyone. It changed the we way we look at workout. Contact Kim Kaminester to enroll or call (917) 496-5675


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