Boys Dance Program
(ages 4-9)

When you think athletic activities for boys, think Dance Too!

Dance requires all the discipline and strength training of a sport with the thread of creativity that feeds the artistic personality. Whether your son is a tap aficionado or an aspiring break dancer, or if he just wants to improve his agility, we have a class for him.

Young boys age 4-6 have short sessions of classes available that vary in duration . Older boys 6-9, are included in the Berest Dance Centers 18 class enrollment periods. Ages 10 and older have the option of being incorporated into the co-educational genre of class offered annually by the Berest Dance Center.


Benefits include:



• Increased flexibility

• Better balance and improved coordination

• Muscle development

• Builds self-confidence

• Provides an outlet for artistic expression





Class Descriptions


Monday- Hiphop Scoot- 10 classes Start January 8th (10 week class)

This class fosters scooter skills while also enhancing dance development. Creative movement activities derived from Hiphop moves significantly boost motor skills 

This class originated from the need to incorporate balance skills with the rhythm and coordination required for Hiphop dance. A 3 wheel scooter is used in the class to a music background with a finish line into a Hiphop dance.

Incorporating a prop like a 3 wheel scooter, adds an extra challenge and encourages skill advancement.

Girls are allowed on request.

HIPHOP for boys only ages 6-9
This Hiphop class introduces the basic moves of traditional street dancing which includes popping, locking and breakdancing. (Required enrollment for Team Hiphop)

TEAM HIPHOP ages 6-9
Team Hiphop encourages “team spirit” by offering a performing opportunity in our Holiday Show and at community events. It inspires energy, athleticism and creativity while exploring a street originated genre. Hiphop includes many fun and fulfilling dance styles. With these, students are free to use all their energy. These moves will adapt into their own style and personality.

This class introduces the athletic style and diverse rhythms of hiphop using a 3 wheel scooters for balance, motor co-ordination ,diversity and focus.

Dress code: Track pants and t-shirt, hip hop shoes

HIPHOP FOR BOYS ONLY 1st-3rd grade
This Hiphop class inspires energy, athleticism and creativity while giving young boys a "team spirit" dancing purely to a street originated genre. Music is filtered and age appropriate. Boys are invited into a Team Hiphop class for community involvement and yearly performance opportunities.

Dress code: Track pants and t-shirt or street attire, hip hop shoes




Dance for boys


Port Washington boys dance

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