Studio Showcase

This in-the-studio event is a performance for the very youngest members of the Berest Dance Center in lieu of a stage recital.

The environment is the perfect introduction to dancing before an audience.

At this performance, the studio is transformed into a theater with 70 white chairs and curtained walls. Each child is celebrated formally with flowers to the applause of an adoring crowd of families and friends.

At the end of each ½ hour, children are given flowers by a family member in a formal bow presentation.



Berest studio dance showcase

“I've known many families in our community over the years whose children have had wonderful experiences at the Berest Dance Center. Olga Berest and her exceptional teachers demonstrate caring for the whole child/person, as well as a superior level of dance pedagogy. Our community has been greatly enriched by the presence of the Berest Dance Center.”

- Nancy Braman