Our Studio

Housed in a beautiful Dutch Colonial since 1996, The Center includes 3 floors of studios flanked by decorated tin walls and ceilings, 2 bathrooms dressing and waiting room areas and a kitchen. The Center's goal is to make the joy of movement accessible for both fun and for professional training and to be an alternative to NYC dance training.Our teachers are highly educated professionals in their chosen craft. Through thoughtful instruction, they instill a sense of confidence and achievement and build on the unique strenghts of each student. Classes are offered for all ages and levels. Curriculum for children from ages 2-18 is given 7 days a week and classes for adults are scheduled for mornings and weekends.

Offerings at the Center include Intro to Dance, Kinder-ballet, and Broadway to Ballet, Boys Only classes, theme and combo classes in Musical Theatre, Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop and African Dance. Berest Dance Center gives classes in Classical Ballet and Modern. Contemporary and Improvisation. Students are required to take Ballet as a part of their dance education.

Private instruction and coaching are available at the Center. College audition pieces can be developed at a student’s request.

Berest Dance Center offers many opportunities to perform. Youth Dance Theater. the performing company of the Berest Dance Center is seen in theater concerts, fairs and community centers. Aspiring young performers perform at the Berest Dance Center in a studio “pillow concert” during the year, showing their own pieces as well as choreographed selections. The student body, ages 6-teen perform in June on stage and students ages 3-5 perform privately for family and friends in the Center’s beautiful curtained studio.

An Outreach Program called "Dance for Joy" was spearheaded in the Fall of 2021 by a senior student who wanted to make a difference. It serves students who could not otherwise afford to take class. Donations are tax-deductable through the Berest Dance Center's fiscal sponsor.  

About Berest Dance Center

“Children are not confined or pressured to perform, instead they are encouraged and grow on their own. In addition, parents are always treated with such kindness and respect by everyone on the staff. I’m so happy I chose this school.”


- Raina Joy Chablaney