Dance With Us This Summer 2023!
Enrollment begins on April 1

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Summer is a wonderful time to make new dance friends and experience new dance styles.


Classes, Workshops and Intensives will provide a flexable and multi-genre program


•July 9-August 6  Exploring Dance Camp   ages 3-8 (Tuesday) 45 minute to 1 hour class

                      •July15-July 26   Lower Level Workshops Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Hiphop ages 7-10 (Tuesday-Friday) 3 hrs

  •July 9-July 12  Ballet and Modern Intensive with Heather and Orion  Ages 12-adult (Monday- Friday) 5 hrs 

•July 8th-August 19   Alumni Lyrical Class ages teen -adult  " Pay as you wish " (Monday) 1 1/12 hrs

This is a fundraiser class contributing to the Berest Outreach Program, Dance for Joy. 







young dancers summer camps


Young Child
Camps 45 minutes-1 hour  will combine the elements of Ballet,Tap and Hiphop . Ballet and tap shoes are needed.


Tuesday July 9-August 6 
Young Child  4:30-5:15pm  (ages 3-5)  $135

Lower Level  5:30-6:30 (ages 6-8)   $150 


Lower Level
Workshops 3 hours
 will introduce multiple genres of dance including Ballet, Tap, Hiphop, Lyrical . Ballet and tap shoes are needed.


Wednesday- Friday 4-7pm  July 10-July 19 

! week- $270   2 weeks  $530 


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Intermediate and Advanced level 
Intensive 5 hour will include Ballet and Modern , Repertory and a showing on the last day.
Taught by  Heather and Orion 
Monday thru Friday 10-3pm   






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Berest dance camps




“It’s been such a joy and honor to be a part of an amazing staff of teaching artists here at Berest for over a decade now. The experience at Berest sets each student up not just for success in dance but for success in life. It’s an invaluable experience coming through Berest not just because of the dance curriculum and incredible teaching artists but because Berest develops incredible human beings and that is truly something special. ”

- Lancelot E. Theobald Jr, Tap & Hip Hop Instructor