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"Dancing with your child is a wonderful way to interact as little ones enjoy music, listening to a singing voice and being held by a loved one," . Other benefits :

  • It's a brain booster. Music literally helps the brain develop
  • You'll get some exercise. Your little one doesn't need a workout, but you might relish a chance to get a little exercise 
  • It promotes socialization. Dance classes offer the chance to meet othe parents and mix in a group. This can strengthen your child's social-emotional skills and give you an opportunity to make some new mom friends.[3]
  • You'll cement your bond. Your voice is a powerful bonding tool, especially when you use it to hum or croon to the tunes you hear in dance class.[4]
  • It's a lot of fun! Dancing puts a smile on your face, and your little one might feel the same way.


Coming in September 2024 - Born to Dance: Babywear Ages 0-6 months.  Wear your babe and feel the sway of rhythm!

Born to Dance " Celebrating the Wonder of Childhood"  A class for boys and girls.


Dance is the heart of childhood. This class will nurture every childs' desire to dance.

Come to the magical class OF “BORN TO DANCE”


(age 0-6 months ) 1/2 hour class,on Zoom or in person.
A class  for caregivers and their babies. Simply wear or carry your babe through this lively step and sway class- part baby hypnotism part Zumba.

(ages 18 mo-3 with an adult)  Away  from cell phones and power cords, computers and Wi-Fi your toddler will be right behind you, loving every moment. The toddler years are the perfect time to introduce your child to dance through.musical games, toys, nursery rhymes and childens' songs which provide a background to a framework of  movement.

The benefits of dance far outweigh many of your concerns when it comes to your toddler. In a toddler dance class, the expectations are just to have fun and develop some new skills.

Your child will learn to interact with friends, move in a creative way to music, and begin to master following directions.

Q and A

Q. What should my child wear on his/her feet
A. Rubberized ribbed socks are advised. No shoes allowed in the studio.

Q. What if my child cries or starts running around?
A. Please take him from the room briefly. Return and try again. It may take time to adjust to a new space and new environment.

Q. What if my child is shy and does not participate?
A. Please do the activities yourself. Instead of sitting it out, carry your babe and partake. This will gently encourage future participation.

Benefits include:

• Increased listening skills and coordination

• Awareness of parts of the body and how they move in isolation

• A vocabulary of movement appropriate for this age

• A forum for self-expression within a gentle discipline of structure


PROPS are used during the class to encourage and motivate:
A Small blanket for each student, rhythm sticks, scarves, balls, mats, soft toys and hoops







Born to Dance


(ages 2-3) a child with adult  class

These classes teach movement that is consistent with the developmental level of the young child and associates moves with toys and stories that embrace a child's world. May include tap if appropriate.

Benefits include:

• Increased coordination, an awareness of how to move at different levels, ability to change speed at different levels while moving in all directions

• Increased knowledge of parts of the body and how they move in relation to each other

• Increased vocabulary of movement and an understanding of the basics of movement, i.e. time, space, directions and balance

• A strengthening of listening skills, concentration and problem solving skills necessary in the education of the young child

• The channeling of a child's boundless energy into paths that will encourage, structure gently and provide means for greater creativity

No Dress code


New !  Dance with Me  A family class

All ages are invited.  This is a family dance party to be enjoyed.  Not your regular dance class.  

Kids learn to move before they learn to read or sing. To allow them to move is to allow them to be some essential part of themselves with YOU in an important way. When we communicate with our bodies, we are not expected to make sense of things or string together a cohesive narrative. Movement taps into deeper feelings — more primal urges — and makes room for an inventiveness and silliness that language does not.

Come join the fun as a family. It's  a reliable moment to reconnect with our bodies, our minds and each other. Unlike almost anything else we are doing right now, the million acts of family maintenance required to make it through the day, the a family dance party is one thing that is truly for us, and by us — together.



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Music Together ( BDC welcomes a guest presenter )  





(ages 3 months to 5 years )

Music Together is an early childhool music program for children and their parents and caregivers.  Families in over 3000 communities worldwide participate in music together's research based parent- child and pre-school programs. 

Classes at the Berest Dance Center will be on Wednesday at 9:45 am and 10:45 am. Join us for musical fun this winter with the BELLS collection.

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